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Use AI to leverage your data

Our Services

Data Strategy Assessment

Evaluate the maturity of the different parts of your organization in managing and utilizing data in everyday decision making. Our assessment helps organizations identify the strengths and challenges in all aspects of data management in the current environment.

Data Discovery and Interpretation

Use statistical tools to visually navigate data to observe patterns, gain insights and derive business value. We use data preparation, visualization and analytics, leading from manual to smart data discovery.

Data Modelling

Define and analyze data produced from different parts of the business as well as their inter-relationships. We help organizations create data models for better consistency, analytics and maintain any issues of regulatory compliance and government policies.

Machine Learning Consulting

Use systems trained by Artificial Intelligence to automate different aspects of your business for various goals such as improve revenues, productivity, cut costs. We use our expertise in areas of Machine Learning such as Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Predictive Analytics in achieving different business goals.

Data Modernization

Move data from legacy databases to modern cloud-based databases or data lakes enabling organizations to remove inefficiencies and be more agile. Our approach to data modernization helps provide more cohesive view of data, achieve better data governance, generate real-time accurate data enabling effective decision making.

Data Governance

Setup policies, processes, standards, roles, metrics to ensure that information is used effectively and efficiently to achieve business goals. We use a structured approach to help clients manage data efficiently across its life cycle by creating internal standards and ensuring compliance with any external standards.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Every business and every problem is different and no two solutions can be the same. We do not try to fit any packaged solutions and the process always starts with the client goals.

Understanding the client organization processes occupies a significant portion of any project and we believe that true value can be realized even with simple solutions.

Agile Business Intelligence

Use agile software methodology for implementation of the Business Intelligence agenda of the organization. The sharing and collaboration between business owners and the development team enables ongoing product development and monitoring

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